Doing things the way they should be done.

Fraeio was created to address our dissatisfaction with how the web currently operates. From clunky CMS solutions like Wordpress to expensive, sub-par web hosting, we are creating fantastic alternatives to make the web a better place.

We believe that you should be in complete control of your data, so we try to collect as little as possible. We do not sell your data to advertisers or other companies.

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Web Development

We design and create bespoke, next-generation websites and web apps for any purpose you can imagine. Click “Learn More” to see our extensive portfolio.

Web Hosting

Our servers run on the latest and greatest servers, and we offer geographic load balancing as standard. We will make you wonder why you were paying so much for so little from other companies.

Fraeio Packages

Fraeio Packages are self-hosted, or FraeioCloud hosted alternatives to popular products, such as ConnectWise, FreshBooks, Discord, Skype, WordPress, Joomla and Spotify.


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